Design Matters

I have chosen to call our blog ‘Design Matters’ – partly because it will focus on a wide range of design related subjects, and secondly, quite simply because design matters, it does, clearly! Anyone unconvinced of this immutable fact is missing a trick and a business that is not entirely dialed into the received wisdom, is surely under achieving.


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Our blog will hopefully function on two levels. On the one hand it will provide a platform for my musings and mutterings – a haphazard and discursive list of the things that interest, inspire, annoy and sometimes anger me. In that sense it is a purely self-indulgent exercise for which I make no apology since it is entirely therapeutic, though I readily welcome your replies and contributions. And on the other, it provides the opportunity to share some of the knowledge and experience that our company has acquired. The basics tenets or guiding principles of design are no carefully guarded secret, but at the same time they are so often undervalued by companies and on occasions, are overlooked altogether. It is my sincere hope that this blog might entertain and illuminate in equal measure. I look forward to sharing something of my passion for design with the outside world, the world outside this studio where I spend a great too much of my time and if, in so doing, we as a company can impart a little wisdom or can profit you or your organization in any way, then it will have been a more than worthwhile exercise and a mutually beneficial one at that.

Ben Galloway

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